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Effortless Glam ? Kim Kardashian Style

kim kardashian hair

For some, the act of getting ready in the morning is more of a sprint than a marathon. Not for Kim Kardashian.
The reality star let us in on her daily hair-and-makeup ritual through today (via a 45-second time-lapse video), and it has our 15-minute, comb-through-the-hair, swipe-of-mascara, routine beat. By a solid hour and 45 minutes, to be exact. "I thought you guys might like a little peek into my daily glam routine," the mother of two wrote on her website. "I do makeup and hair for about two hours every day!" Two hours every day, people. Let that sink in. Kim Kardashian in a  frustratingly fascinating video, makeup artist Ariel Tejada and hairstylist Justine Marjan work their magic as Kim is unfazed by the flurry of prodding, dabbing, teasing, and zhuzhing. "It's actually a great time for me to catch up on work emails, take some calls, and see what you guys are up to on social media," she says. At least she can get some stuff done during this lengthy primping routine.  

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