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Piece Of LA- All About Denim

Odd though it may seem, Los Angeles is too lucky for its own good.

Sure, the city has its share of problems, as does any metropolis. But it remains a destination for people from around the world, many of them young, skilled and creative. They move here for culture, commerce, climate — or all three.

That’s a situation many cities can only envy, but success comes at a cost. In the case of Los Angeles, our attractiveness has created a housing affordability crisis with no end in sight, transforming the city in ways big and small. 

Personal style is not quite like real estate—aka it’s not all about location, location, location. But in the latest data released shows where you live might affect what kind of jeans you’re on the hunt for. And especially so if you live in New York or Los Angeles.

Boyfriend Denim Summer Denim

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