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World Mental Health Day : Perspective & Fashion. Is It Even A Thing? by Sarah Stoven

Perspective- On Mental Health Day, And How It Relates To The Fashion Industry. 

perspective, noun:  the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally


World Mental Health Day, is upon us and I beg to say what are we thinking? What are we doing differently today then any other day. Do the images that fashion brands put out into the world have an impact on mental health? 

Put it all in perspective, world mental health day is supposed to do just that right. While one day, world mental health day, cannot be the antidote, it surely spotlights a topic that needs to be discussed at length. 

Fashion labels have long used images to sell a lifestyle to the masses. But in doing so are they putting out the correct or fair representation of what their actual consumers look like. Or are they selling an unattainable goal, in which consumers buy into and repeatedly spend their paychecks, week after week? Trying to obtain an unrealistic goal of photoshop, plastic surgery, and countless illusions. 

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